As a self-taught Artist I have explored various mediums for as far back as I can remember. Before marriage and raising a family, I did many plays and a variety of performances, along with traipsing around the globe, which included a lot of time in Hawaii and some amazing surf ! When the little's came along I settled down to nurture and home school, and of course a lot of play and exploration with field trips galore. Being raised myself with the most beautiful and creative mother-Cynthia who was offered the first full time scholarship for a woman at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, my curiosity for art and all things creative was nurtured,thank you Mom.

Cynthia taught her own children, 5 in all, to appreciate Art and design. My father was an Aeronautical Engineer, so there was a lovely balance between the right and left brain being demonstrated. When my turn came to teach my own tribe of rugrats totaling 3,  there was a lot of arts and crafts going down. Being involved in homeschooling co-ops, I was most often the "The Art Teacher" and perspective drawing was always offered. (You wouldn't know it now since I adore Abstract) As the little's became big's, I started my own business. "Gypsy Rags" which started out as custom clothes, including couture and weddings.

The business evolved into Interior Design, where I sewed custom slipcovers, window treatments, pillows, duvets, and outdoor rooms. During this time 2 unique items were created and sold nationwide in retail stores, The Promise Pillow for children and a backpack called "Gypsy Rag Bag". While working in interiors and exteriors I started painting custom Mural's. It was at this time that painting really got a hold on me and never let me go. When the kiddos were off on their own, I became a Kitchen Designer (thanks Dad) and transitioned into a Cabinet Rep. for a large Company caring for a huge territory with 90 designers under me. While getting back in touch with my painterly side, I discovered Intentional Creativity, taught by founder Shiloh Sophia on line. Shiloh encouraged me to create in the most incredible way that I could imagine. I became a student of "Color of Woman" an intense year long, teacher certification process that has changed my life forever. The school prepares you to do "The Work".

The Work is a healing modality through creativity that has touched thousands of people throughout the world.

It is with gratefulness that I now can offer and teach this amazing creative process. 

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